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      says modestly attempting kōhaiship
      of Jeul-Tak
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      Quote Originally Posted by OhWell View Post
      I do declare that there really truly is from now on a ban on ITTF making changes to the game for the sake of tv/screen viewership, which will only be lifted when all the improvements that can be made to pro TT production and camerawork for that same purpose have indeed and most definitely been made.
      This is all such an enactment of generals following the learnings of last century’s battles.

      TV is a thing of the past. It lost its relevance a decade or so ago, and the smell of the last remnants of its bloated corpse is nigh unbearable.

      We should let it go. Synchronously watching a small number of channels in droves is a distant memory at best, or not evenna memory for those under 30. Let’s al bury that strange fixation, and let it go, move on, and focus on things that still do have some relevance to date. Every amateur’s footage on any site, any stream from any event, any capture playable on demand, any zealously composed fan montage.

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      says NextLevel>Santa. True
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      Yoass: tv or online, ittf - and equivalent for other sports - still has an interest in video broadcast of their events. Arguably, we can now consume much more video content, for the very reason you give. So video broadcast still matters.

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      [Netting Thread Hijacktination]
      I guess the term "net height experiments" will get a different meaning after last few posts. Also who can't understand the nostalgia for the orange balls ...
      ; )

      Quote Originally Posted by massa View Post
      By the way, imho a 1 cm increase on the net would make it better.
      Less kill attacks on the receive and probably longer rallies

      Gosh ... as much as I start to feel funny about this thread now, I have to mention I run across the scientific paper about it.

      Quote "Statistical analysis of the influence of ball size and net height on the number of successful table
      tennis trajectories using computer modeling is used to quantify the effects on trajectory
      distribution functions. [...]
      As an alternative option an increase of the net height is possible. For this, the character of the
      game will change more strongly, because the possibilities for successful trajectories are
      reduced limiting technical and tactical alternatives. A small increase of the net height could be
      one option, where the basic character of the game is not too strongly modified, but reducing
      especially the influence of the service.
      [...] The question is if a possible gain in attractivity of table tennis for TV by such changes is worth the loss of key elements of existing table tennis

      The whole conclusions are interesting.

      Computer simulation of table tennis ball trajectories for studies of the influence of ball size and net height (PDF Download Available). Stefan Kemnitz, Alexander Kalentynev, Ralf Schneider and Tatyana Ivanovska. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publica...and_net_height [accessed Dec 08 2017].
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      Really all the ITTF needs to do to get viewership is to make sure Bernardette keeps being Bernardette (You seen her last match? I think she's working up to coming in with a g-string bikini), and get a few more like her

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      says Trouble Makers are in Ur TT
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      ITTF could use a Tanya Harding-like scandal... problem is, the world forget who she waz.
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      says and the goon squad goes into
      the sceptic tank yet again.
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      Perhaps a Nancy Kerrigan scandal instead.
      Spin Everything.

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