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      says Dima... Amazing...
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      Did Timo Boll deserve star player award?

      Who votes for star player award?

      Do you think Timo deserved this? It sounds like Timo didn't think he did...


      Congratulations on a good yr Timo!

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      says really love hearing Adam
      commenting but don´t
      appreciate he (probably
      unwanted) gives the word
      Dictator a positive meaning.
      There is nothing positive
      about Dictators. PERIOD!
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      Well, he has beaten the unbeatable, so i would say yes, but that might just be me.
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      Quote Originally Posted by TTHopeful View Post
      Who votes for star player award?

      Do you think Timo deserved this? It sounds like Timo didn't think he did...


      Congratulations on a good yr Timo!
      Think about the player who thrilled you the most with his matches this year. I mean who is the answer if not Timo Boll or Ma Long? Timo is just being modest as always....
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      says Master yourself, master the
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      I guess an athlete wants to be valued by his achievements and not his achievements compared to his age

      Considering Dima did not win the world championship, I think it is undeniable that Timo deserves this award for a comeback not many would have thought possible and he even aims for #1 in 2018.

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      I doubt Timo is aiming for number 1. He has said himself that he can't give 100% at every tournament considering his age. I think he'll save his true best for the big tournaments (like the world cup). He played extremely well the entire year but I do think he put that extra bit of power and quality in his shots against Ma Long and Lin Gaoyuan. In the German open he didn't really have to exert as much against LGY as he could play the right tactics. He already stated to Dan that it's easier for Samsonov and for him to play the 24 minute T2 format so he doesnt strain himself there either.

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      Well, if someone asked me who was the biggest name in TT in the world in this decade and I had to answer in seconds without giving a thought and reasoning for some 30s, I would definitely name Timo Ball (that's my personal pick off course). And that's exactly what "the star" means. Ma Long would be my second choice.

      For the best player we have a different category- World No.1 player (Dimitrij Ovtcharov )

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      He played really fantastic this year, he's 36 years old, and still on this high level, he deserved it sooooo much!

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      I mean tbh Timo Boll has always been and always will be a great Idol in table tennis, he is a great example of a good sportsmen and someone you can easily look up to always setting a good example. Its not always about who is the best or who is number 1 or even who gives most entertainment with their play.
      Congratulations Timo! Well deserved

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      Whoever you think might have won it instead (Dima, Ma, Harimoto etc) you can't begrudge Timo this award - he has had an amazing year of unexpected success, and carried it off with his usual good humour and modesty.
      I never cared much for Timo before now, but this year he has definitely earned my admiration.

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