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    says TableTennisDaily 2.0 is now live!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by perham
    I sometimes think you lose just to be polite. Specially against Waldner I thought you could easily win. He wasn’t playing good at all.
    Hey Perham, aha I have heard a lot of people say this but honestly I can't explain how hard it is to just return the serve against Waldner. There is a lot of deception going on that is hard to see on the video. Also, he has the Waldner factor so you're 5 points down before you even start the set.

    I think even in Waldner's condition there, we could have played 100 sets and I would have done well to win one I could be wrong though but that's just how I feel with his quality of variation, it's hard to know where hes going to play the next shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simas

    That was particularly true when Dan played against the robot IMHO. Didn't want to hurt it's feelings I suppose
    Haha I am interested to see the strength of the robot in a few more years time.

    BTW this is a crazy by David rally:

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