I decided it's probably time to switch back to my Timo Boll ALC blade.

In the last months I used only my donic-all-wood-super-old blade, which has awesome control. And it helped me a lot to improve my technique.
But I start to feel it like it's a bit too slow. I have to push really hard to get extra power. And I get tired soon.

I tried these rubbers on the TB:

T05 (max) -> too fast / reactive
Donic Coppa X2 (max) -> too soft
Xiom Omega V Asia (max)-> too hard

I'm an offensive-allround player. I like the control/spin over the speed. I don't like too soft sponge.
So, which rubbers should I put on?

Thibar MX / aurus?
Tenergy not max?