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      Crisp Blade = more active game??


      I'm just curios if anyone here has the same problem: if I play with a crispy feeling setup, my game tends to more active and offensive.

      Normally, I play with H301 blade and with this blade, I try to play winners.

      Last days, I tried a HL5 (same rubbers as on my 301) which has a slightly softer feel and is not as stiff. With the HL5 the control increased a bit and the topspins from mid-distance have more consistency. Everything as expected.
      But in the tournament games, I tend to be more passive with the HL5. I tried to build up a control based game. Which was a bad idea because it does not fit my best skills.

      Is this a normal behavior? Anyone else had the same experience?


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      first I had Nittaku Rutis Power (Stiff) and switch to Stiga Eternity VPS (flexible). My initial impression was that I had more control however after 4 months I concluded a few things:

      1. With a flexible blade was easier to loop from Mid distance because of the higher throw and brush the ball, thus the sensation of more control and safety.
      2. It was difficult (at least for me) to keep the ball short using passive strokes.
      3. I was used to play with the stiff blade, the low throw arc in service returns and blocks and the precision during attacts.
      4. I was trying to use the same technique with the flexible blade, as a result I had less control because it was like having a springe in my hand when playing close to the table, to compensate that scenario I ended up reducing the strength and kind of loosing confidence. I was applying with the wrong technique for the set up I had.

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