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      Quote Originally Posted by WorkerBee View Post
      I would add the ability of Tomokazu to undercut the footwork of big loopers. If you constantly aim to prevent the wide foot placement of a big looper, up to the cloud-walkers, you have weakened the possibilities of your opponent. This is what GuoLiang is talking about, that Tomo is right now developing the style where none of his players will be able to overcome him in a few years. This is a new style that GuoLiang has not figured out yet. I keep telling him. but he doesn't listen (HaHa), that he has to incorporate the Waldner tactics along with the Tomo tactics in China as a whole to maintain Chinese dominance. I like your listing of the dominant styles. I would just add the Tomo style and the cloud-walker style of the current monsters (both distinctive and immediately recognizable). I think GuoLiang is correct on the future because the Tomo style is specially designed to defeat the cloud-walker style. By the way, the cloud-walker style depends on forcing the rally to back up the two players beyond the 5 foot distance beyond the table, and the Tomo style depends on never backing away and always staying within 3 feet of the table. Incidentally, the reason I think the Waldner style is so important is because it consciously says you must move from one distance to the other. This is also why Waldner maintained his world position from aged 18 to aged 50. It relies mainly on the brain, and is far less hard on the body. I have huge faith that GuoLiang will figure this out since he has the most intimate knowledge of Jan Ove's tactics.
      No style is perfect. And nobody is perfect. Learning and stick to one style will be subjected to lose to other certain styles. Waldner or Harimoto or Ma Long, Ma Lin, FZD .. they or their styles are not perfect. But some individuals will have better chance to beat others if they "perfect" their style better than others.

      Shee...ttt why do I have to get into this nonsense discussion?

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      Quote Originally Posted by tropical View Post
      ...do I have to get into this nonsense discussion?
      If you don't care about teaching and coaching or the future of the game, I guess it's all nonsense. Me, I love it.

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