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      Post-match interview question with Fan Zhendong at men's team world cup

      I was watching Fan Zhendong's post-match interview after winning against Liam Pitchford in the men's team world cup. The interviewer asked the question:
      What is it like for a Chinese national player to go 5-0 down in the first game and 5-1 down in the third game, this is unusual so how do you remain calm in this situation?
      Hearing this, I was disappointed with the way the question was worded. This is a sport and players will have days when they come up against an in-form player like Liam was playing amazing table tennis. In that respect, the situation was not unusual in any way.

      If it were me, I would have just asked:
      You were 5-0 down in the first game and 5-1 down in the third game, how did you remain calm in this situation?
      What are everyone's thoughts on this?

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      Do not make an elephant out of a fly (hope i spelled this saying correct). You know what i mean. Pitchford played great, even Fan Zhendong said it in his answer, so i would say he gave his respect to his opponent.

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      I have no problem with the way the question was worded. LGL didn't, either. The folks said they prepared to go the distance against England, but I doubt FZD expected to "spot" 5 points like that.
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