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      CNT trial for World Tours

      In a recent CNT trial for World Tour events, 4 players out of 10 were qualified to Bulgaria and Czech Open in August.

      They are Ma Te the chopper, Zhu Linfeng the short pip player, Zheng Peifeng and Zhao Zihao the two penholders, respectively.
      Click image for larger version. 

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      Now finally Ma Te is able to play in international events, as you wish! Just wait until August!
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      That's awesome, I love Ma Te he's such a diverse chopper and great to watch. Also Zhu Linfeng is awesome but hasn't had much time out there competing internationally. Most people remember him from his epic superleague rally with Xu Xin a couple of years ago. Nice to see China sending out some other players to the world tour, really whenever Ma Long or the top CNT players aren't competing it would make sense for China to send some other athletes - although they could completely dominate the whole world tour which might kind of suck haha
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      Zhao Zihao is also a really great penholder who's fun to watch.

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      Can't wait for his turn! Could he be a beast? We'll see...

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