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      For all the suggestions, I owe you guys what I ended up with... which is funny because it was none of the above :P

      Sanwei Fextra Blade
      DHS Skyline tg3 neo FH
      LKT Rapid Speed BH

      The setup is a bit heavier than my current Offensive S + Vega Pro on both wings, but it wasn't enough to make me regret the decision. The blade is beautiful, and it plays great. Given the rubbers, it was not fast at all. Allowed for plenty of dwell and blocks were very stable. I think it would play well even with v.pro's on both wings.

      Anyways... hit with it for about and hour and even threw in a couple matches. Tg3 felt pretty dead early on, but nothing a little bit of effort couldn't fix. I liked that the tackiness really grabbed a hold of the ball, and imparting spin seemed to be just a matter of having the right amount of contact. Very low throw compared to v.pro, so I had to make the conscious effort to stroke more vertically. I had a harder time adjusting to pushes, as it hit the net or popped up frequently. But serves were great. More spin, same short distance! Also, oddly enough, smashing short balls from right above the net were also easier, but I'm not sure if it was because of the blade's speed or the rubber giving me some extra grab to hit it over the net instead of into it.

      On the BH side, I was pretty impressed with the Rapid Speed. It too felt dead at first, but it felt pretty alive after a bit when looping. It has light tack in addition to very good grip (not as grippy as v.pro, but the combination may very well be just as good). I missed the table pretty often using big strokes thinking the rubber wouldn't spring back as much as it did, but indeed, the ball flew high off the table in very spinny fashion. I hit a couple of pretty spinny loops in match play towards the end that made me pretty happy, but I do wonder if I would've gotten the same with the Taiji at a lighter weight.

      All in all, it was a fun experience. I'll keep giving it a go to see whether I like this or not. thx for all the advice all!

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