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    I am a coach from Germany and also a player. I own TenniRobo since 2018. So I think I can give you a good long term review.

    All information and reviews you can find on the net are saying the truth. TenniRobo is a very good professional robot. I am also owner of an amicus prime after I sold my amicus professional. So I can compare these 3 robots.

    I am using all my robots for my own training and also my students can train with the robots if they want.

    Sergey is a very responsible and friendly person and replies to my questions in a fast and helpful way. I also had some trouble with the ball feeding mechanism, but after sending some videos to Sergey and explaining him the problem, he sent me a replacement of ball feeder and also guided me with videos and photos. So I easily replaced the ball feeder. Now it works like a charm. I realy like to play with the robot and all my students like it to. The balls are very realistic and the random functions and also a cycle mode are highly used features.

    I have a lot of contact with Sergey and gave him some feature request. All of them are now implemented in App. So you see also after more than 2 years of using TenniRobo I am still very happy and App gets still useful Updates.

    At the moment I am planning to create a google sheet, where all TenniRobo users can enter their own shots for a specific position. So we should get a big database with realistic shot configuration. I think later Sergey will implement import/export function, so sharing of shots will be much easier. But if you know how to setup a shot, it is very easy to do so.

    I just want to add how I work with TenniRobo:

    I set up each basic shot as a single shot to each possible and also realistic position on table. After that in the evening I took my phone (no robot connection is needed) and think about drills I or my students want to play. So I create my drills in freetime by using the saved basic single shots. This saves a lot of time in my club.

    All in all I am really really happy with TenniRobo and I am thinking on buying a second one, so that I have one and one I can leave in my club. After two years I can say TenniRobo is the best robot I owned and is way more flexible than others. Also the support and the app is really great.

    The only thing I miss, is a ball catching net. I am planning to build a transportable ball catching net.

    Thats for now, hope I could help.
    I am happy to help or answer questions regarding the robot,
    Sorry for my bad english.

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