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      I shake my head and wonder.

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      Timo Boll can also hit very hard and has one of the best spinny balls in the world but he has a short stroke.
      CNT players have a different technique, they hit the ball "by the legs" and this is very powerful. So they need a linear rubber. TB hit with his forearm and his wrist, this short stroke is not so powerful so you must play a really fast/powerful rubber.
      When CNT players like Fan Zhendong or Ma Long are playing the forehand topspin you see a fluidly motion and it looks like they don't use any force.

      Back to the question:
      Chinese rubber has a catapult effect but only the sponge not the topsheet.
      When you hit harder with a CN rubber you must hit it as a hard topspin, not flat.
      A flat hit with CN rubbers is much more difficult than with tensor rubbers.
      For a smash they use the backhand rubber because the CN rubber is so tacky and they will overhit.

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      I'll try to describe what I think is the diference.

      I use a chinese rubber on FH (Palio Hadou 40+), and my practice partners use euro rubbers, when they tryed my racket they said "hell this is fast, I cant put 2 consecutive topspins on the table".

      The thing is, this rubber has a little of catapult and is not hard,grips the ball like hell, serve and receive is mid-slow, once you start to topspin, the ball starts to kick.

      When you use euro rubbers and make the same stoke with chinese rubbers, the ball goes out because they arent used to give that much spin on the ball, they really cant control the ball that well with a straight hit on the ball, you must put spin on it.

      When I give my racket to someone that puts good spin on the ball even using the euro rubbers, they can control it and like it.

      It's easier to use the euro rubbers because you dont need to spin that much and they still go, but with chinese rubbers you can put much more spin and the ball goes lower, and more agressive.

      When smashing, they both give good speed, but I think it's a little more safe to make it with the euro rubber, again, flat hit is not the best thing to do when using chinese rubbers.

      Why I use chinese rubber and not euro rubber?

      Because serve and receive are more agressive, 1st top spin is more agressive, as I play very close to the table, is easier for me to control the arc of the ball.

      Euro rubbers are way more safe when attacking dead and half long balls, but are not that agressive.

      I still can use both, and enjoy palying, but I like the feel of chinese rubbers and the low arc on the FH.

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