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      Here go my 2 cents, about the Viscaria is an awesome blade as 301 but, it affects the player's level,s style and rubbers attached on it, why? The blade is not best option for whose are developing or intermediate because the koto surface and the ALC outer ply diminishes the dwell time, so if you attach a MX-P or T05, you can shoot a bullet, so for a developing hitter is great but for a developing looper.... So it's better attach soft rubbers or non tensor as Chinese (H3, H2, H8, TG, B2),

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      Quote Originally Posted by prorish View Post
      My new H301 with H3NC on both sides just arrived today from China. Genuine code to check authenticity. Yet to play with it.

      Attachment 16885Attachment 16886Attachment 16887

      Where you buy this blade ?


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