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      Choosing a blade for a friend.


      Now may friend and I are choosing a blade for him. He is a beginner, been playing for a year before. Need something all/all+.

      Can you compare in terms of:
      - speed
      - control
      - feel
      - balance

      This blades:
      - Stiga Allround Classic
      - Butterfly Andrej Grubba
      - Yasaka Sweden Classic
      - Yasaka Sweden Extra


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      All those blades above and many others are great, put on a blindfold, or take off blindfold, drink three beers and toss a dart at that list. Wherever, if ever, the dart lands, that blade will do just fine.

      Every company makes a great blade or three in that class.
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      My opinion is the same as Der_Echte.
      For a beginner generally any All/All+ blade will do. If you can't choose, just ask a coach. Every coach has his own favourite choice, but any will do too.
      For a beginner coaching is much more important than the first blade.
      The only recomendation i would make is if you decide to go with Butterfly, let it be not Grubba, but Timo Boll Off-.
      Grubba is too slow and has a lot of vibrations. For me TB Off- is the most "plain" All+ blade. By "plain" I mean its just in the middle of everything - not fast, not slow, middle stiff, middle flex, middle throw, no disturbing vibrations, just enough sweet spot, linear feel from the net to almost mid distance. For me its one of the best blades for a beginners and developing intermediates who still have not decided what exactly equipment they need. After a year this blade will tell you what you need to add.
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