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      Nittaku Violin: which rubbers, please?

      Good afternoon, dear table tennis lovers!

      Thoroughly did I read forums and communities for the answer and have come to the decision that i should save money and get Nittaku Violin blade seriously for good.
      Yet the rubber issue has emerged. My playing style can be described as a mix of attacking and defending moments, mostly at the table.
      I have now DHS TG7 CP blade with Hurricane III for FH and Kokutakku for BH. And i noticed that the bad sometimes unpredictable in sense of trajectory - sometimes out of table all of a sudden or in the net. Powerful hits are more controllable. So i decided to get another racket.
      I dress you for an advice: which rubber would you recommend with the above said?
      As of now i choose Victas VS 401 and Andro Rasanter R42.

      My order is awaiting confirmation so i need to know if i should process the order or i might consider some other rubbers.
      Thank you!

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      You can search for it online. I am sure over there you will find any expert who will explain you which rubber would be good for you according to your previous racket. I also love table tennis game and i play this game everyday. I used wipe on poly on my racket. Through this, i can use my racket easily and it is play with my racket now. But i am right now i am kind of busy in making essay writing service website which is https://edubirdie.com/gpa-calculator. And because i don't have much time to play table tennis. When my work will finish, i will surely go and play table tennis with my friends.

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      I would consider long pips on one side of a violin to get different tones of play.

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