Good afternoon, dear table tennis lovers!

Thoroughly did I read forums and communities for the answer and have come to the decision that i should save money and get Nittaku Violin blade seriously for good.
Yet the rubber issue has emerged. My playing style can be described as a mix of attacking and defending moments, mostly at the table.
I have now DHS TG7 CP blade with Hurricane III for FH and Kokutakku for BH. And i noticed that the bad sometimes unpredictable in sense of trajectory - sometimes out of table all of a sudden or in the net. Powerful hits are more controllable. So i decided to get another racket.
I dress you for an advice: which rubber would you recommend with the above said?
As of now i choose Victas VS 401 and Andro Rasanter R42.

My order is awaiting confirmation so i need to know if i should process the order or i might consider some other rubbers.
Thank you!