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    says I like to hit Heavy Topspin
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    says I like to hit Heavy Topspin
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    Quote Originally Posted by lodro

    i have not read any other posts from timBoll so can not make a proper judgement .
    If your decision to spank him would only be based on the very comment you list and reply to, I could not agree.
    It is not an insult just a personal opinion.................which is allowed here, right. 😁

    Look. This is a thread where hipnotic shows the blades he makes by hand. And this thread that hipnotic made to show the blades he has made, which, are both craftsmanship and art, and you can only know how they play if you try them, he says: "No matter what others think, I always think Viscaria and boll alc are the best ping pong blades."

    You can read it how you want and I am happy that Sergio is not offended by him basically saying he is not interested in the content of the thread but wanted to post a link to his website. But, to me, it sounds like a put down of what Sergio is showing in the thread.

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