Compared to my usual straight handle ZJK the blade is slower, softer and more flexible.

Speedwise I would say that it would be somewhere between a Viscaria and i Korbel (which i also very briefly hitted with yesterday). I would guess this mainly is due to the blade being thinner.

The feeling of the blade is different in many aspects although the sweetspot seems to be similar. It is softer upn contact and less "pingy". One might call this not as crisp but it also comes with more dwell which perhaps helped me get a bit more spin on topspin shots. This feels very much like the expected difference between a Koto vs. Limba top ply blade.

For me the handle makes my grip more relaced and my FH/BH transitions much less pronounced and casual wich is exactly what I hoped for. Off course the handle isn't for everyone but for me works very good!

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Glad you liked it, tell us how it plays
maybe you can compare with Viscaria

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