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I really like picking up left over scraps from previous builds and make something out of them. It turned out to be a very eighties looking blade! But it's not something I will replicate in the future, so this will be a one time piece. Composition wise this is a inner fiber blade, with 90 g/m2 Textreme-Carbon placed at 90º, and soft outer plies. I was going for something with a good pace and light, more oriented for close to the table driving, rather than looping.

Available FS.

Composition: Kumamoto Hinoki / Balsa / TC90 / Kiri / TC90 / Balsa / Kumamoto Hinoki
Weight: 86.1g
Thickness: 6.7mm
Freq.: 1420Hz
Balance: 2.0cm (Very Low)

Great looking handle! Now I wonder what the scraps could be from….