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    Thread: Balsa blade

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      Quote Originally Posted by Simas View Post
      I also had some problems with my elbows. At the moment I'm ok, but never know... what are you doing for your recovery?
      When I new it was bad, I went to the physiotherapist and the gp. They told me that there are no options to shorten the progress. Only as much rest as possible.

      But they can guide u to the progress. At one moment I started after about 6 months rest, still with a bit pain and began to train once a week. Atm (2-3 months after I started) I can play twice a week. It's a nasty injury and duration is very personal.

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      Wow. 6 months that's a lot. It took a lot of patience. I think I took a rest for a month and by the end of it got quite a bit anxious After that things are more or less ok.

      When I had problems I went to the physician too. So he prescribed rest, then wrist curls for strengthening forearm muscles and streching.

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