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      Serve to the ellbow - awkward position

      hello i have a good chiquita, short game and forehand flick, but sometimes when the opponent service to my ellbow, half long i don't know what i should do,

      should i attack(sometimes i don't know if it will be long) and sometimes i feel i don't know what i should do, should i play it with the forehand or backhand, i am a little bit tall and it gives me good trouble.

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      Always expect a long serve, as it is easier to move forward than back. You should get some idea of where the ball is going from where the first bounce occurs. Practice moving one step to either side. Placing the ball to the middle, or the elbow, or the pocket (same thing essentially) is always tricky for the receiver to deal with, but remember that you decide where your middle will be by your own movement. Anticipation is the key.

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