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      Buy a thicker pimple rubber or whitch alternative???

      I use Victas Vo 102 black 1,8 i bh.
      If i should try it in 2,0 in bh, are there much of difference then??

      Or should i choose another pimples rubber on bh that are simelear to Victas vo 102 and what kind of pimples the and in what thickness???

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      It depends on your playing style. There are grippy short pips,which have less effect and non grippy pips, which have more effect. Easier to topspin with the grippy pips. Thinner aponge give more effect and thicker sponge is more for attack. Haifu dolphin is good if you boost, rakza po might also be a good alternative. Or itos nittaku pips. I think all of them are grippy pips. Good luck!

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      Stiga royal is still awesome even with polyballs.

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