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As far as resolution goes you need only have it in 16:9 format for the blackbars to go away. You have it letterboxed (with black bars) because it is in 960x720 which is a 4:3 (old ntsc TV format). If you did 854 x 480 the boxes should disappear. In moviemaker it mostly has to do with what your native resolutions are. Like are your clips different say 640x480 and 854x480. stuff like this can really affect how it exports/publishes. I would suggest getting Pinnacle Pro 10-12 to edit films or Sony Vegas Pro 7-9 for beginners because movie maker is pretty low on the field of making videos. It has much less capabilities and really is only there for people who would like to take their old family movies and capture them onto digital.

The video was great though. Definitely some of my favorite players and points.
Thanks for letting me in on that one Mr.RicharD yea I know WMM is rubbish I may have to start using something else. The 16:9 bit is interesting I wouldn't have figured that out so thanks for that