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      Quote Originally Posted by Lula View Post
      I think that a high arc loop is much more safe. If you are beginner it is better to begin with these and not miss so much. It is less margin for error if you loop higher over the net compared to lower. But i think if you play good players they will counterloop the higher arc loops pretty well, so at a higher level it is proably better to loop lower arc loops i think.

      Why do you have a trouble with a high arc loop? I have a hard time imagine how the ball bounce differently between a high and low arc loop. I think the ball bounces higher with a high arc loop. if this is the case, maybe you have the racket to low and need to have it higher up where the ball is. If you are good at low arc loops but bad against high arc loops something needs to be different, and you need to something different aswell. This would be much easier to help you with if i saw it i think.
      I have no issue producing both high and low arcs (with the FH) but both are still quite slow as I'm a beginner. I _THINK_ that my high arc loops have got more spin as I get a higher success with the opponents "popping" their blocks long.

      The issue with receiving it is probably what Tony describes as in taking it too late and letting the spin maximize.

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      Yes, good backhand topspins close to the table are fast, low and flat.
      Ideally forehand topspins are the same, but it depends on distance. Close to the table, every topspin should be flat.
      Sounds like you're doing great.
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