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      wow so cheap!

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      Waite, is only difference between tenzone and tenozone sf sponge hardness or even the topsheet is different? I prefer softer version of same rubber on my bh and harder on fh, does anyone have this information?

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      As I am going to upgrade my current setup
      I was impressed from the ratings of addidas rubbers
      so I need your opinion on this

      I will buy a viscaria or zjk blue dragon blade
      and I'm confused about the rubbers selection because many reviews and opinions are different .

      Firstly I would like to describe shortly my game for getting the right opinions

      My bh is better than my fh
      I use to attack the second or 3rd ball with bh flicks and sidespin flicks from close or mid distance from Table
      I also have good not perfect technique on bh topspins occasionally I use smash or flat hit from bh to win a quick point
      when needed .I m also planning to develop my bh block I'm not saying that is not good though .
      So as for bh I want to focus on Spin and control rather than speed.
      I have also some good strokes on my fh I can make some flicks close to tabLe but I use to attack in mid distance my counter loops is something I want to develop , my topspins from opponents under spins are accurate and sometimes I use the sidespin topspins and flat hitting or smash.

      I'm thinking of upgrading to andro rasant grip for fh and addidas tenzone ultra or tenzone ultra sf or p7 .but what would be right for my game ?
      I believe I need control and spin on both bh and fh rather than speed which requires a higher level player.

      I'm currently using a novice blade and rubbers

      Sti allround nct blade with stiga optimum mp rubbers

      Your help is much appreciated

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