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      One thing about using legs, hips, weight transfer, core rotation:

      There is no racket or bat sport that does not use "power from the ground up." Even badminton does and that racket sport allows the players to use a lot of wrist and arm but they still use their whole body. This is just a fundamental principle about hitting a ball with a bat or a racket. If you took a sledge hammer with a 3 foot handle, you would do the same thing. If you used a felling ax (3 foot handle as well), you would also find the same thing. To swing the ax or hammer, you would use your whole body.

      Next issue, I do really feel like Chinese skill in TT has at least something to do with how many people there are who are interested in the sport and how young they start to look for talent. By the time the top prospects are 12 years old they have so much top quality training under their belts. And the government is in total support of finding and developing talent. So, even though they have great coaches and great top players to watch and learn from, there is a whole system that causes them to be as good as they are.

      It is also worth noting that this thread was woken up 2 days ago and it had been dormant for a year and a half (18 months) before it was woken up 2 days ago.
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      That is pretty much the full magic here you are describing.

      In comparison to China, Germany for example does nearly nothing for this sport. We have cities who deny the usage of our sport halls in the vacation. On top of that, the amount of money to maintain them is disgustingly low. Scouting and supporting Talents is like nearly non existent. Propper coaches and Training facilities are damn rare. And it gets worse the smaller your region/city is. So in order to play decent table Tennis you literally have to move to bigger ones where the infrastructure is given.

      It is a miracle that players like Timo Boll or Patrick Franziska could even develope such skill levels.

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      Well. I was a couple of times advised by a top England women player in the 80s, whose techniques were probably as old as European of the 60s And the first lengthy thing she told me was about “the base”. Everything is within it and it has to be stable so the whole body rotates from the base, through the hip up to create power. She also says this thing - different coaches will say it differently “base” “box” “ground” “hip” etc. But the idea is the same.

      The thought that the world copies chinese “power from the ground” recently is likely a myth created by forummers

      Disclaimer - I’m a H3 user, I prefer watching all-China matches to anything else. But I’m coached by Europeans (So you know my side of the debate)
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      If you want to literally copy the best chinese players, just buy a national H3NeO and boost it.

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