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TT is already so small, we can't afford 1 step forward and 3 step backwards, especially in Europe.
We need 3 more Mazes from Denmark and 3 more Kreangas from Greece (or what ever his roots is)
Well, let's see what happens. Japanese TT seems to have rebounced quite nicely from its post-sixties/seventies slum.

And with the UK diving into shameful isolation, recession and attrition may offer new impulses. Because in that downward spiral it might be just dance, and drink, and screw, and play table tennis too — because there's nothing else to do, as the bard wrote.

In the end, TT's wane is in part due to an opulence of venues for instant gratification. Anything that requires a long-term commitment thrives on starvation and boredom. We've got a lot of that coming, even though not many realize this yet, as resources get exhausted, waterlevel rises, and political instability increases.