Hello every body
I'm Deyaa from egypt, 38 years old, played table tennis in local club from 2000 to 2006 then due to work couldn't continue same way.
I have gergely Tamca 5000 blade and i was using Yasaka Mark V FH/BH and then used Butterfly sriver on FH. I'm very aggressive on FH, I great in smash and heavy spin and good on top spin, but in BH i was great in blocking, pushing, choping and light top spin.
Now i want to go back to the game and checked couple of rubbers with friend racket, I tested MX-P and calibra LT and they were ok but they were old rubber so i don't know how they perform if new. I tried T05 new but i had no control but top spin FH/BH was great and they can't get it back because i have a strong fast arm and i use wrist also, but in short game i coldn't handle enough.
I read alot of rubber review and almost think that MX-p, Rakza 7, Calibra LT will suit my blade and style but little afriad that MX-P will be fast and non durable.
I need ur opinion because i will buy rubbers online next couple of days and need to get the best compination with the right thickness.
If there is another rubber u could suggest please tell me what is it and it's thickness.
right now i think Rakza 7 on H and Calibra LT on FH.