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      More numbers.

      Spring Sponge rubbers took a cumulative 37% hit in Q2 and Q3 2020.

      As a side note, in the Oct 2020 ranking, the Innerforce Layer ALC has risen to the top again after last doing so in Dec 2019, with the Swat sharing the 2nd place with the Petr Korbel.
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      World-renown EJ and TTD member erm sent me one of my well-like OFF to OFF+ Nittaku Mono Blade equipped with Diginicski 80 and 64... 80 was a little easier to control for spin...

      ... but we gotta say it... either rubber the ball simply flew of the bat faster than with T05 and left way sooner. Would take a massive adjustment in my impact before I could use either rubber... sure it could be done with time... maybe if I can raid the apartment of some unsuspecting 21 yr old and steel his kneecaps, waist, and eyes, I would swith to that or similar setup today.

      ... but that is not gunna happen and I will Soldier on with Next wood, composite, and Nate's blades. Maybe commission one or three from SDC.
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