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      says really love hearing Adam
      commenting but don´t
      appreciate he (probably
      unwanted) gives the word
      Dictator a positive meaning.
      There is nothing positive
      about Dictators. PERIOD!
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      A while ago I had to learn about a thing that I would like to share with the interested reader to the others might as well keep scrolling.

      I don't think any company starts a new product line and just floods the markets straight away.
      I had to learn about the four phases of Boston matrix (not sure if I translated this correctly though)

      1st phase is the question mark or also called problem child phase or launching phase, where you introduce a new product, try create interest for it or try even creating a buzz around it. Many introduced products don't even make it beyond this 'prototype' stage, 'cause if the interest is too low it will be discarded.

      2nd phase is the star phase, where the product takes off and reaches high market growth and high market share.

      The third phase is the cash cow phase with high market share and cash generating.

      The fourth and last phase is the poor dog stage with low market share and low market growth and rather neutral cash generating.

      This is the phase where products either die away and become obsolete and go extinct
      or they make these four stages turn into a cycle and start a reinvention of themselves or their products.
      The older ones of us still might remember the days of mp3 players and eye_Pods....

      I have a feeling that some tabletennis companies feel to be between stage 3 and stage 4 right now where new innovations might be needed before a notable decline could happen or even they might go bankrupt and extinct.

      This here might help understand what i've just written above.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BCG-Matrix-Beispiel.jpg 
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ID:	19027
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BCG-Matrix2.svg.jpg 
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ID:	19028
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bostonmatrix-summary.jpg 
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Size:	46.7 KB 
ID:	19029

      So just producing thousands of rubbers straightaway in all rainbow colours and nuances is quite unlikely to happen from my point of view.

      After all I still fail to see how having a bit more diversity should become that much of a problem.

      But since it's just been decided that there will be a testing phase we might as well all relax a bit, lean back and wait and see how things pan out.

      The argument for price increasement still doesn't hold stand in my eyes.
      OmegaVIIpro, and dignics have already blown the fuse for that IMHO.
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