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      Equipment suggestion

      Hello, myself Anirban Roychowdhury here from India. I am a defensive player, currently I am using Dr. Neubauer Boomerang classic rubber for my backhand side and DHS hurricane 3 for forehand side. My question is, whether these combination of rubbers are good or should I have to change the rubber?
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      Hi Anirban Roychowdhury, Im Jose from Dom Rep. offensive player, right handed and shake hand , i don't have any experience in defensive plays but i will tell you what i think every player should do.

      First i have to say that the rubbers don't make the blade, the blade makes the rubbers, what im trying to tell is that you gotta have the correct and good blade in order to use the rubbers at the maximum expression.

      and second, my advise to all players ( offensive and defensive ) try to have all sides available to attack if it is necessary, for example you should try a pimple rubber with a sponge at least 1.8 to see your results after some practice of chopping and attacking.
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