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      Quote Originally Posted by zeio View Post
      Yes, they're all keeping a close watch here.

      In essence, there are 3 tiers of contest going on here - Olympic seeding, reserve player, and WTTC 2021.
      Speaking of Olympic Seeding, another hotly contested race is the Mixed Doubles Seeding Race. Xu/Liu has pretty much has secured the first seed, so now it's a 3-horse race between Japan, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei for the 2nd seed, which is the only way to be guaranteed a draw in the half opposite of China during the Olympics.

      After the results from the Hungarian Open, the current WR standings are as follows:
      1. Xu/Liu 2880 Points
      2. Wong/Doo 2190 Points
      3. Cheng/Lin 2090 Points
      4. Mizutani/Ito 2075 Points

      The Mizutani injury in Hungary not only prevented Japan from possibly getting more ranking points in a tournament without Chinese doubles pairs, but also allowed Hong Kong to get much needed ranking points as they finished 1st in Hungary without Japan or China having a chance to stop them.

      The good news for Japan is that the Mixed Doubles ranking for July 2020 will be used for the Olympics. See the photo below for a breakdown of the standings.

      Since Mizutani/Ito only started competing in July 2019, none of the points the Japanese pair has earned so far will expire. For Wong/Doo and Cheng/Lin, however, they stand to face deductions from last year's opens such as Qatar, China, HK and Japan. Taiwan's pair is hit the hardest since they were Champions in China and Hong Kong last year and these points will expire before the Olympics start. However, the race between HK and Japan looks really tight.

      Only the top 8 tournaments count towards Mixed Doubles Ranking, and it looks more than certain that HK will be able to replace their lowest performance of 80 points with at least a SF finish in one of the future Platinum events, which will push them above Japan in ranking. Japan will need to step up in the Platinum events to keep their lead, but Mizutani's health is the big question mark.

      Seeding may eventually be the difference between Olympic Gold, Silver, Bronze or No Medal at all, so the mixed double event in these last few tournaments leading up to the Olympics are crucial.

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