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      Artengo Perfly BS190 Blue

      After a few borderline injury issues that I felt had to do with training load, I thought it might be smart to try out different shoes, and maybe alternate between them to lessen the training stress somewhat.

      I looked over the fence, and stumbled upon badminton shoes that took my fancy visually and felt good when I tried them on. I've trained with them a few times, and like them so far. Artengo's an obscure brand for me (but I don't care a whit about branding anyway), but this Perfly BS190 is a very light shoe with a snug fit (for me), with a little more support at the foot arch than is usual. For me, that seems to work well. They're rather inexpensive, under €30.

      The fit and finish of the shoe is OK. It's good in the sense that the shoe seems sturdy and well-designed to take the beating of constant and intense strain. I did notice a few small traces of glue remaining at the seams; easily removed by gently running a nail across. There are limits to the finishing level that is to be expected at this price level.
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      The soles have a different profile from what I'm used to see for TT shoes. They offer a good grip; just so. Just right but they wil still slide, move and turn a bit; they feel utterly dependable.

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      So, a very affordable, comfortable shoe that feels sturdy, but is nimble and light on the feet, and is very stable onder high intensity movement. I like it so far.
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      Artengo is one of Decathlon's own brands (methinks, anyway?), in the same vein as Kalenji (more towards pure running and athletics) and Quechua (more outdoorsy). Not that I have any plug to pull here, but over a relatively high number of purchases and considering the near omnipresence of these brands this side of the globe, I have never seen a single product which wasn't both sound in design and reasonably priced, at the very least. If one can live without the momentarily thrill of major brand appeal, there is actually something relatively soothing about not having to bother looking anywhere else for 95% of sports and outdoors related purchases (call me a sheep, if you will).

      When it comes to TT the same is true of synthetic shirts and shorts, and I have also played with no-star Artengo 40+ balls, which yet again fit the above description. Makes you wonder if Decathlon is German-owned, or something. Not sure where's the flaw.

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      The Artengo 40+ training balls feels very similar to the DHS D40+ 1* and are dirt cheap. It wouldn't surprise me if they're OEM manufactured by DHS.

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