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      Par Gerell Serving Masterclass

      Hey guys,

      Here at the TableTennisDaily Academy we’re very excited to announce that we have just released a new serving master class video series, with Swedish international player Par Gerell! Par is widely thought of as one of the best servers in the world and has a highest world ranking of 27, he has also been a part of the Swedish national team for many years. Par often wins a huge amount points outright on his serve, even against many of the worlds top players, which highlights how effective they are. The importance of the serve in table tennis cannot be understated, it is the only time during the sport where you have total control of the ball, so we want to bring Par’s knowledge and skills to you in this coaching video package and take your game serving game to the next level! Access the course here.

      Introductory offer: Use the discount code: AcademyPar25 for 25% off.


      -The unique service grip to serve like Par Gerell-
      - Mastering the action to the serve
      - How to do the topspin serve with Par Gerell
      - How to produce a heavy backspin serve with Par Gerell
      - How to make your serves deceptive with Par Gerell
      - How to do the Kicker serve with Par Gerell
      - How to take advantage of a good serve/weak return
      - Effective Serve training with Par Gerell
      - 6 week serve programme with Par Gerell

      So, if you want to get point winning serves and add a new dynamic element to your game, then join Par, Dan and Tom at the table and unlock winning strategies! Access the course here.

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      I am a swede and i have trained serve at the same time as him and asked him for advice and he is a really nice Guy But i think he throws the ball back alot and hides the ball a little. Surprised that he Do not get faulted more Times.

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      Need some reviews to see if it's worth it that's a lot of money on topfor people already subscribed.

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