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      Looking for penhold blade recommendations

      Hi, I'm new to the forum and to this whole forum thing...
      Ummm I looking for help choosing my next blade, would appreciate any help I recieve

      I'm very forehand dominant, rely on 3rd-ball, placement and spin, not really a BH flick kind of guy (still figuring out my RPB), close to mid-distance
      The thing is, I'm pretty happy with my setup but I've been playing with celuloid balls for the past 2 years (since I began playing) and now I'm really trying to use only Plastic balls. Since then I've felt like my setup has been bottoming out and although I'm not really a powerful person, I've really not been happy with the power in my shots lately.

      I was determined to change my blade, looking for something similar to my Yasaka Sweden Extra (really like the flex and softness) but ended up getting myself a Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive, both because it was on special and because I just thought it would be a good experience that I just had to have, its YEO after all. Overall I feel very mixed over YEO... I hated how bouncy it felt over the table and felt like my overall spin fell, I don't think I'm ready for that level of stiffness. I really liked it on service and the feel it gave me on my RPB, aswell as my FH, though I felt like it overpowered me.

      So I guess I'm asking for more options, right now I'll stick to my trusty Yasaka Sweden Extra, but in the close to mid future what should I graduate into? I need a bit more power for the plastic ball, I really love the flex and softness of my current blade but I loved the RPB feel of YEO.

      Anything you guys recommend? I've been thinking of Stiga Offensive Wood NCT, Stiga Offensive CR WRB, Stiga Celero, Avalox P500 and DHS Hurrican Hao II
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