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      What Equipment Now, return to Table Tennis after 25 years break!

      Hi, I am new to the forum, and also returning to tablet tennis, and I am wondering what equipment should I get?

      I used to play as a teenager in the early 90s - and was using a Stiga Metal Wood and Srivers on both sides for a number of years, until I switch to Salvid and Sardius. My Metal Wood is nowhere to be found, but I found my Sardius blade (with very worn/hard rubber) still in good nick.

      The Sardius and Salvid combination was fast, but I never liked it as it feels very dead and the ball tends to just fly off the bat too quickly.

      So, what I am looking for may be something that has the touch and feel of my metal wood, but gives me the speed of the sardius/salvid combo (or faster). I have just been reading, and I am thinking Garaydia ZLC with a Tenergy rubber on both sides. I don't mind going back to a Stiga blade either.

      I played a very close table counter attack style but with good variety of shots as our table was placed in a small room very closed to the wall on all sides (whilst my younger brother has a close table attacking style).

      Many thanks for your help!

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      Maybe just use your Sardius blade for the meantime and use a soft and thin rubber like Xiom Vega Europe or Stiga Calibra LT Sound both at 2.0mm

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      Try to find your Metal Wood. It fetches quite a bit of money on the collectors market as it's very rare nowadays.

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      Sardius is fast indeed..
      Let me se if I can debunk
      Sardius has this composition:
      Hinoki – Carbon –BALSA – Carbon – Hinoki
      Which is quite unique. If you want something similar you want the same hinoki top ply and probably also with composite but a different core. And possibly also consider some 7 plies despite this being 5ply most 5ply with composite will be hard and fast.

      I'm thinking something like
      Joola roskopf emotion:
      Or a hinoki-ayus-kiri core with composite like either.
      Treiber fo (composite outer, more direct) or Fi (composite inner, more feel)
      (the predecessor of treiber z)

      Other than those Nexy also has a great range of hinoki blades.

      It depends on your needs really, this is considering you want a similar feeling blade but less hard and fast and more feel. For close to the table offensive I might however consider a limba outer instead. As that's what the pros use for that game. Probably for a reason.

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