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      Any advantages to buy in Japan?

      So, I'll be going to Japan (Tokyo) later this year, not specifically for table tennis, but I'd like to know if there are any advantages of purchasing table tennis equipment in Japan over table tennis websites.
      Could anyone tell me if the products are cheaper or if the quality is different?
      If it is, does it depend on the brand (Nittaku, Butterfly...) or on the piece of equipment you're buying (shoes, rubber, racket...)?

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      I'd look into the apparels, especially tshirts

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      For me most of the apparelsq especially tshirts and shorts, are almost twice cheaper at my place, than in Japan. But the TT shoes, especially Mizuno, are about 30% cheaper in Japan, than here. What I used to buy from Japan was Xiom blades, which were much cheaper in Japan, and what is more important - they always had the exact weight I need, because they jave greater quantity to choose from. Now they don't offer Xiom blades online, but maybe you can get such directly from the shops.
      Anyway different brands and goods have very different prices worldwide and its good to make a comparison list of what you need and especially of what you think is more expensive in your country. But generally I don't think that you would find things cheaper than from TT-Japan for example.

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      Be sure to try before buying, Japanese sizes are much smaller than Western clothing sizes.

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