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      Butterfly korbel with hurricane 3 neo

      Hi everyone. I play tt quite regularly and I would say my forehand strokes are decent

      However I find that my equipment is too fast. I use hurricane 3 Neo Prov on forehand with a DHS tg7al blade which is a very stiff and hard 7ply allwood blade. My backhand is some medium pips

      Right now I feel that everytime I loop the ball i cannot feel the blade flex at all and there is little to no feeling. I’m thinking of either

      1. Change my forehand to Donic Bluefire m3 which is much softer than h3neo so that the ball in sink in?more and hence better feeling

      2. Changing my blade to a korbel which has more flex and feeling as many people have reviewed but still keep the h3neo on fh

      For my backhand pips I will leave it as it is as I’m fine with it.

      Which one should I choose? 1 or 2

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      Butterfly korbel with hurricane 3 neo

      Try the 38 degree hardness Yinhe Jupiter II instead of H3N. It’s much more forgiving, but plays similar.

      And way less money...

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      Pg7 is a softer 7 ply blade which you can use with h3

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