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What do you mean it takes away from XX? Like, it takes away from his showmanship style?

He definitely is a different beast and his RPB is really starting to come together. It’s really fun to watch him!

I meant take away as in to attribute the result of the match being that "FZD looked like a different animal than the Ma Long match".

IMO it was more of a factor of XX upping his game than FZD doing anything particularly wrong. FZD did look to me, surprised quite a few times at the ball coming back with alot more quality than perhaps he expected.

They would know each other's games inside out, and I can't imagine you can just hide that sort of improvement from a fellow CNT member, since you would be focused on practising the parts of the game you want to improve and the other CNT members, I would assume, would be able to see this.

But it definitely looked to me like FZD was actually visibly stunned at how some of the rallies went that match.