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      Quote Originally Posted by SFF_lib View Post
      Probably because I am biased. My point is that old blades give you great feel due to age and better handcrafting in the old days. Speed is never an issue even using an ALL blade as long as you know how to swing properly.
      Yes, there have been great blades. Revered still, and fondly remembered.

      There have also been lesser ones. Maybe we remember selectively, and would do well to remember this.

      Pretty much like now. A lot of very good blades exist, probably built with a lot less handcraft involved and the pros and cons that go with that.

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      Quote Originally Posted by fanoftt View Post
      totally disagree, with new balls there is no more spin, you have to change tactic and playing style also..

      there is no more massive topspin, if you try to play like that your opponents counterspin very easy if they play close to table..

      I am looking at the kids today, 14-20 .. nobody tries to rotate, effective playing styles changed ..

      If you look at top level, harimoto is just like other kids today, no fear of rotation (because there is much less rotation now)..
      Also a lot of players hit the bole very flat/high, not from down because with new balls you do not need to that anymore on pushes/serves..

      every new generation of plastic balls brought less rotation, less speed

      with slow blades like stiga clipper is now hard to play, but good old viscaria (carbon) is big hit again
      Tell Xu Xin there is no more spin.

      Also Clipper is barely slower than a Viscaria, there is not much in it. Lots of top 100 players use a blade slower than a clipper.

      I think there are quite a few myth peddlers in this thread. For your average club players what the pros are using is irrelevant. And still they feel they want a Viscaria and Tenergies when they can't loop backspin properly.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
      New ball is slower than old one , even if you say otherwise.

      To generate speed you need a faster blade and rubber compared to before.

      New balls give players using fast attack game without much spin advantage. Harimoto and Truls Möregårdh are two good examples, im sure you can find footage of them.
      A good player knows how to add the pace based on technique. The new ball is slower. But a good player can still add the power from good timing and technique. A player who is not so good using equipment that is too fast for him will still take longer to develop good technique.

      And I was interested in footage of YOU. Not a pro. Seeing how this applies to someone who is on the forum. Not a pro. We already have an example of a pro saying how he likes the Korbel because it gives him better feeling and more control. And since there are many answers to any question that is based on personal preference, I was hoping to see how you apply your reasoning on the table.

      Sometimes it helps to know the value of someone's opinion based on seeing their level of play.
      Spin Everything.

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