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      Forehand Rubber for TSP Hino Carbon Power

      For my main blade I'm using Xiom Omega VII Asia on XIOM Feel HX Pro which I feel is great for blocking and counter driving. However, I'm trying to learn to loop consistently during rallies which I find that I'm unable to do on my backup blade which has Xiom Omega VII Asia on TSP's Hino Carbon Power. The ball feels 'further' away from my hand and I'm unable to get a grip on it. Sidenote: Backhand punches are a lot more crisp on Hino Carbon. Does anyone have any suggestions on which rubber I should use on my Hino-carbon blade?

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      Pretty sure the issue is not the rubber but your technique. It sucks but that's the reality. You can post a video for the more knowledgeable people here.


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