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      ask it.
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      Quote Originally Posted by iskandar taib View Post
      Access isn't the problem with Quantum X - it's available easily on AliExpress. The problem is the price. ^_^

      Before the two color rule (when was that .. 1983?) there were NO rules about what color you could have on your bat. Cheap Chinese bats came in all sorts of colors. I've heard of (but not seen myself) green sheets of Mark V, and I had a sheet of green Spectol. Yasaka Tornado came in this beautiful shade of honey. The original 729 was sort of a plum color. Hardbats came in all sorts of color, too. But most inverted sheets at the time were one color - red. There was a Yasaka Black Power (which was black, and had a very questionable blurb on the back comparing the qualities of the rubber with, er, people from Africa, I kid you not, and Yasaka claimed, also on the back of the packet, that making black sheets was difficult without ruining the qualities of the rubber - THEY had found the secret formula, though), but the first "mainstream" black sheets in common use were Butterfly Tackiness Chop and Drive.

      I've never seen a green Mark V but I had a blue one....referring to the Tornado ( not Honey but Yellow for me) and Black Power, I had both in 2.0mm in a H5 Tomi. I had Mgic Carbon in the 4 colours too and the very famous yellow Thibht Golden Falcon.
      Red ans blue is a nice combination for me as black and Yellow.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Gwenved View Post
      not Honey but Yellow for me
      or somewhere in between

      In Germany, they called these colours "natur". This included brown-ish and all sorts of yellow-ish/orange-ish.

      I remember one Nittaku, Joola Clipper and the Tornado all were called "natur" and looked totally different.

      Purple Friendship is remembered by most, green Joola Clipper, a pretty regular rubber in green was Donic Slick - I am sure there were other variants at the time.
      Blue Mark V or orange Sriver were a little harder to get.

      Ah, the times when you´d buy a green Donic Slick because it was green and you´d just play with it, innocently ignoring sponge hardness, topsheet hardness, "throw angle" and what else
      Really, I think there´s too much information and too much choice out there right now. It´s a luxury, but it can also do your head in.
      I get used rubbers handed down from people, and like in the old days I just play - could be Rasanter, could be MX-P, and it´s ok for me where you could actually make a philosophy out of the differences.

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      Natural latex rubber is an amber color, much like honey. That's what I remember of Tornado - the topsheet was very transparent, you could see the pips underneath, and was the color of natural latex rubber. The yellow Tuttle Octopus is very different, it's just plain opaque yellow. If it were, say, dayglo yellow, I'd have been happier. I wish I'd ordered the green instead. If I really liked the rubber I'd order another sheet, but I don't. It's OK, but there are sheets just as good for 1/3 the price.

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