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    Thread: Joola Aruna Off

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      Joola Aruna Off


      Has anyone tried Joola Aruna off blade? Does it have good feeling and control? I would love to hear your opinion regarding this blade.

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      I have not tried this blade, but I've been tempted to many times. (if that counts)
      I've used Treiber z, Treiber fi, tried fo and now on XVT Hinoki Zylon.
      This blade has a 7 ply composition:
      Hinoki Koto Carbon Kiri Carbon Koto Hinoki

      Meaning the Composite material is close to the core. Fi has Hinoki - Ayous - TXL Fiber - Kiri
      Composite will act similar (despite subtle differences), so the key difference lies in the koto which will increase the speed a bit and give it a slightly different feel, which is also what reviews on revspin are indicating (if you have not already I recommend checking it on revspin). That together with fantastic control I don't think you can go wrong with that blade if you're an intermedient-advanced player. As It is relatively fast.

      Another thing is that, Hinoki is fine at counter offensive close to the table, but it trully shines when you break the tempo, and for example vary when you you take the ball (early, later, late) and a beast looper ofcourse. The situations where you grab the ball after prime bounce is when Hinoki (imho) has an advantage in contrast to other fab counter woods such as koto and limba.

      If you're a close to the table tempo/rythmic attacker, I'd recommend you going for koto or limba instead.
      If you look at Aruna Quadri's game he often breaks the tempo and takes the ball late, that's also probably one of the prime reasons he choose hinoki (or got it from advice) as a top ply. Tabletennisdaily also has a great video review on this blade on youtube. Should check that out as well. So despite not having used the blade, I hope I answered some of your questions
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