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      I bought some R47 2mm FH and BH to try out on my TB ALC

      There are already good videos on R47 but I have comments.
      I was intrigued by the notion of a thinner top sheet. I am usually not impressed with rubbers that aren't much different from others.
      I usually buy Rakza 7.

      R47 is too hard. Before you say I am nuts, ask yourself why isn't T05 this hard? Which rubber is right?
      The result is that you must swing hard to get the ball to penetrate the rubber much. The result is that R47 works best playing back from the table a bit. If you look at Dan and Tom's video on YouTube you can see they were slugging it out back from the table much of the time. Yes, R47 does loop well when back 2 meter from the table but up close one must have a very fine touch not to hit the ball too hard because it will have little arc unless you brush. Yes, you can brush the ball but that is hard to do close to the table where you have no time to move. The timing must be perfect.

      R47 is unforgiving close to the table. I found serve returns to be difficult at first. I would over react. When I adjusted, most of the time I would just use my wrist with a little flick upwards motion. Any significant forward motion would result in too much speed for the spin. R47 generates spin and reacts to incoming spin. If you use passive strokes you will be at the mercy of what ever spin is on the ball. Active strokes are required to compensate for incoming spin but don't over do it.

      In short, I would avoid R47 unless you like to get back from the table and pound balls and are good enough to survive the first few balls so you can get back. If R37 is about as hard as T05 then that may be a better choice.

      I am a big believer in the Goldilocks principle. There is too much or too little when it comes to hardness and coefficient of restitution. Somewhere in between is just right.

      I will keep the R47 on my TB ALC for a while. It is good exercise trying to run back and forth behind the table and looping hard enough to make the ball spin high off the opponent's paddle if he hits it or better yet swing too high because the ball skipped out low after the bounce.

      So what are the Andro sponsored players using?

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      Gauzy uses R50 according to the marketing.

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      Quote Originally Posted by brokenball View Post

      R47 is too hard. Before you say I am nuts, ask yourself why isn't T05 this hard?
      But it is, give or take one degree of sponge hardness. (ESN 47 roughly equals Butterfly 36).

      R37 is a super soft rubber, even softer than t05 fx.

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