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      Technical help with rubber

      Hey guys, hope you're having a nice time
      I recently ordered a HL5 but still have no plan on the rubber, so I thought of coming here and asking some EJ questins
      So, I have 2 questions, one of them is about tacky rubbers and the other is about a rating. So, here we go:

      1-I saw EmRatThich say on YT that if a regular person plays with a Chinese rubber, he/she says that it's hard dead. Is ot really difficult to play with them for someone who's been using regular rubbers such as bluefire? If yes, what to do about it and if not, why do I conclude that out of what he said?

      2-I also want a backhand rubber and I went to a Persian website and 2 rubbers actually got my attention since I'm a tenergy hater(just wanna be different otherwise it's pretty good) and the rubbers are:

      Q5 speed:9.5 spin:9.4
      Omega VII Tour speed:9.4 spin:9.4

      The problem is that I don't know how reliable the ratings are. Just to give you a mindset, this is the ratings of dignics 05:
      Speed:9.5 spin:9.5
      Now I can't afford dignics, but from the two above, has anyone tried them out to tell if they're worth the price or maybe cheaper options for the same quality?

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      Just use the rubbers that you are accustomed to. For the omega 7 tour and q5, tour is harder and faster.

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