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    Some new and some untried Chinese rubbers (Kokutaku, Yinhe, Globe 999)

    Yinhe Big Dipper 4

    Weight: 65-67 gms
    Speed: Off
    Hardness: 38 degrees

    This is an improved version of the Big Dipper wherein it has the same topsheet but it has a different sponge with an improved performance. This is
    a different rubber overall because the sponge is a different one. It has different characteristics compared to the Big Dipper 1 which for me was very slow due to a different and older sponge back then . The sponge looked like those of DHS orange sponged rubbers wherein the cut from the machine would let you think that it looks like a Hurricane 3 orange sponge. The rubber is very bouncy even without boosting. It is faster than the H3 neo but spins less. It also has a higher arc before boosting. When boosted it is as fast as an Acuda S2.

    Yinhe Jupiter 3

    Weight: 68 grams
    Speed: Off
    Hardness: 38-39 degrees

    This was given to me by a friend of mine who suggested I try this because according to him he liked this. This has a different sponge from the Jupiter 2 which I tried a few year back in which this is a faster rubber due to the change in sponge. This is faster than the Big Dipper 4 but with a lower throw. Also, I like this better than the Big Dipper 4 since this bites the ball better. This is a little bit better middle distance compared to the
    Big Dipper 4 also. The Big Dipper 4 for me is only limited to close to the table distance.

    Globe 999 National (black sponge)

    Weight: 67 grams (38), 69 grams (39), 40 degrees (40)
    Speed: Off-
    Hardness: 38, 39, 40 degrees

    Well what do you know? there is really an updated version of Globe 999 National. No, they did not just color the sponge black.
    It has the same topsheet but the sponge is more absorbent of boosters. The 38 degrees blue sponge of before seem to absorb
    booster slower compared to the new one. Also, I have noticed that the 38 degree version with black sponge is much softer compared
    with its old counterpart. This is with the same number of boost layers and also the kind of booster I used. The new version has a lower arc
    compared to each of the 3 different hardness counterparts. So far, I have noticed you need to give the rubbers a few days to break in. I did
    made adjustments on the arc unlike before the 38 degrees was my favorite but not is seemed too soft for me and the arc was kinda low despite being soft with boosters. The 40 degree was much better and also hits better. I would suggest maybe the 39 or 40 for most people.

    Kokutaku 007 Pro

    Weight: 58 grams uncut
    Hardness: 38 degrees
    Speed: Off- to Off
    Type: Chinese/Tacky

    This is a reformulated 007 rubber but with added grippiness or tackiness of the topsheet aside from the new sponge specially chosen by the designer
    This was given to me by forum member and friend Achoomai as he is a distributor of Kokutaku in Thailand and also the owner of PingpongHouse Store. This rubber is very soft and even at 38 degrees it feels softer like 37 or 36 degrees. The topsheet is the standard 007 topsheet but with a selected and improved sponge. The topsheet is tacky and sticky which I caution people to always clean this and place a plastic cover after cleaning it as it is prone to gathering dust but this is not a problem that I really see. The topsheet is kinda soft also and you can feel the softness the moment you press your fingers against it. The sponge is porous as you can see in the pic and feels very soft. It feels softer than a Big Dipper that has 38 degrees hardness.

    I tested this both as an unboosted and boosted rubber. I think I told Achoomai a few times how apprehensive I was with the softness because I have always been a hard Chinese type user in the FH with some ESN rubbers as exceptions. He told me to just give it a try and off I did. Unboosted, the 007 Pro feels like a faster but soft Chinese rubber. It is like a faster Sanwei Taiji but spinnier. At first day of testing, I was not so impressed by it because maybe it feels "Mehhh" but I had to give it some break in time just for the rubber's characteristics. Do not get me wrong. Unboosted, the rubber shows promise and good playing characteristics but if you have been used to playing with boosted rubber you would be forced to really boost it. It was on the 3rd day of playing with it that I noticed some changes and the rubber felt a little better when doing loop drives and spinny loops. The loops are very spinny probably almost near the level of Hurricane 3 unboosted. I had to adjust because of the softness and I had to dig into the sponge to spin better. The arc was medium unboosted.

    When I boosted the 007 Pro, this is the time that things get interesting. I boosted it with 2 layers of my homemade oil based booster with paraffin mix. The rubber became very bouncy. In fact, it felt like a tacky Rakza 7 soft or a tacky Acuda S3. It felt like a soft ESN rubber in general. The 007 Pro was already bouncy before I boosted it and it was faster than the regular H3 unboosted. When boosted, the 007 Pro feels like a very bouncy ESN rubber. The arc became higher and the trajectory became a bit longer that you can still do hard strokes middle distance from the table easily. It is very spinny now if you engage the sponge more because of the softness of the topsheet and sponge. I give credit to the sponge for absorbing much booster especially that it is soft and also has large pores. For a 20USD rubber, you could get a soft ESN-like rubber that is very spinny and also bouncy.

    Other good things about the 007 Pro are: good serving spin, good in spinny pushes and also can block well but you need some adjustments with the angle as this is a bit sensitive to incoming spin due to its tackiness and softness. I will be testing the 40 degree version over the weekend as I insited on Achoomai that the 40 degree version would be better for advanced players and also people who like Hurricane 3. This is my favorite rubber out of the newer ones I have tested.

    Note: Check what is the trend among the Chinese rubbers mentioned above. They have the same topsheet but the sponge was changed or improved to give the rubber better performance. Yes, they have the same ITTF serial number but they are different rubbers overall compared to their original counterparts.

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