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      Quote Originally Posted by Fantemyr View Post
      Thank you. I did not know that H3 was meant to be boosted and I am very happy with unboosted H3, so I'll just stick to that for now. Maybe in the future I'll see if i can't find any other good and cheap chinese rubbers.
      I am sure there are plenty of people who can give you lots of suggestions.

      Big Dipper, 729, Globe....there are way more options than that. But, in the end, if you like what you are using, no need for change.
      Spin Everything.

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      What rubber I should get? Blue sponge or orange sponge?

      Is that true that H3 is meant to be boosted? Can you link us to any source elaborating on that? Interesting.

      My experience with BS (on TG2, 41 deg, 2.2) has pretty much been similar to what has been discussed here for H3. I don’t boost, and this sponge is HARD! I really have to put extreme effort into my shots to penetrate. That said, the set up feels very stable on extremely hard shots. Such a hard sponge allows you to really hit through with a more open angle (drive/loop) which is quite different from the characteristic of normal TG2/Neo.

      I thought I could handle it, but now I think it’s going to be deemed as a practice set up as it’s very demanding and I’m just simply not used to that level yet.

      I was searching for a very dead/linear rubber so I could exert more physical strength with great control in my game. I also thought that type of set up would teach me proper body mechanics the fastest. I think I’m set with a flexible 5-ply all wood and skyline TG2 neo (commercial). It’s demanding enough and I’m still able to perform hard shots with much control and great feel.

      The last thing I’d like to mention is the feel is very subdued with the hard sponge. I’m assuming boosting would probably help that, to an extent.

      I wouldn’t consider ever getting a blue sponge again in anything harder than 40 deg unless I was already frequently bottoming out with 39/40 rubbers in similar thickness.

      I can agree with you, Carl... if you’ve found something you’re happy with, stick with it and just focus on improving your consistency, technique and game. I’ve only given myself an extra variable of complexity when it comes to deciding on what to use now. Self control... is...hard.

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