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      Butterfly Viscaria for £4500

      What planet do these people live on?

      I stumble upon this every few weeks on eBay.


      (Yes there isn’t much substance to this thread and I’m fine with that).

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      LOL that is crazy indeed. I never know of the value of the black tag Viscaria, before I started playing seriously about a year ago..
      About 13 years ago I bought a used Viscaria in Vietnam on a vacation. Pretty cheap, i think, at least under 100$, probably about 50-60 $.Played with it for years, only playing for fun, not in a club. It had the black tag as well, but one day I think one of the pins got loose, so I actually took the black tag off and threw it away... Still have the bat and you can see the holes for the pin where the tag was attached, but no black tag. I guess that have decreased the value of the blade substantially
      But not considering selling it anyway even if I use another blade more regularly..

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      I get that it is really rare and that one is in very good condition but anyone who buys it for that price is either nuts or someone who is rich enough that its is more less like small coins they find on the floor of their car.

      I have a black tag Viscaria (FL) that is unusally good and about 2007 vintage. It plays great. But plenty of silver tag ones are just as good. Of course, playing with a black tag one makes you bad ass (there is a Rule about that, in fact it is Rule 60 for those not yet on the path to enlightenment).

      But buying this one would make you a dumbass. There should be a Rule about that.
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