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What are LSW chances of playing in singles at Tokyo 2020 considering?

1, Mima just added more points with Hungarian Open win
2, Asian Championships might be further postponed due to virus outbreak
3, Future events in South Korea, China, Hong Kong possibly in doubt due to virus, so catching Mima in rankings possibility might not happen
4, Might not get chance to play Mima prior to Tokyo 2020
5, new rule for Olympics, players in same association will not be separated, surely CNT would prefer their players on opposite ends

Do you still go with LSW or re-thinking now?

Now it’s hard to say ....Too many uncertainties ....For example, will WTTTC be postponed or not ...And really 4 months ahead ....
ITTF Rating:
3/2020 - Ito 15080 , LSW 14400
when calculating the ITTF rating for April - Ito has no deductions, LSW - (-1800)
Even if LSW wins Qatar Open, she will not catch up with Mima Ito ....
(This does not include WTTTC !)