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    For those who think both LSW and DN will play singles at the Tokyo Olympic, you’re missing a key point. In all previous Games since Seoul 1988, there was never a real threat to women’s gold metal. CNT selected players mainly based on overall performance and experience for big tournaments. This time around, however, that little girl by the name of Ito has almost single handedly unnerved the whole CNT establishment. They can’t afford to select players solely based on overall performance anymore. How well one can play against Ito is a huge factor. CM has won four out of four whereas DN lost to Ito in such a way that one sees not much hope of improvement in time for the Games. Also, this Qatar Open is not your ordinary platinum event. The CNT has been training for it for weeks realizing that this maybe the only tournament prior to decision time due the coronavirus outbreak.

    One of them will play singles, not both. For now, LSW will prevail.

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