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      Blade Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC
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      Hurricane runber on backhand

      Hey guys. So, I was checking out the equipment of some too Chinese players and i realised not only do they use hurricane rubbers for forehand, but also for backhand. Ofc the sponge color differs which I think means orange has less tackiness, but I also heard Chinese rubbers are only good for forehand. Does someone have an explanation to that?

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      Blade Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon
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      Backhand Rubber Forehand: DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Mid

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      They usually have access to very soft sponge versions of H3s.

      They are also pretty good for close to the table touches and flicks.

      They aren't usually as good for backhand looping, but basing your rubber choice on how well it loops is pretty overrated, the quality of your loops is rarely the deciding factor for the outcome of a game. There are other elements of the game which H3 is very good for.

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      Hi, even the "soft" H3-50 is considered medium hard by ESN standards.

      Hysteresis is right, looping is not everything. Modern rubbers are designed for maximum tangential elasticity meaning best for "looping" and "flicking", but very bouncy and non-linear for over the table play.

      Even boosted, H3 is pretty slow. But that slowness and linearity gives you good control for touch shots and over the table play. Top end speed (anything above poowah-durrive) is more influenced by the blade than rubber.

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      Blade Nexy Batos ALC
      Forehand Rubber Tibhar MX-K
      Backhand Rubber Tibhar FX-S

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      I got a BH more developed than FH and can do a lot of BH shots. I can use H3 OK on BH, but so many rubbers work for me better. Even though my impact could justify a hard rubber, it wouldn't on some shots requiring less impact. H3 excels on very low impact and very high impact and lacks in between compared to other modern rubbers.

      Of course, anyone can use a certain rubber long enough and if fundamentals are there, they can still do well using it.

      I am just of the opinion that for myself a softer sponged linear or modern soft sponge dynamic rubber is for me. I'm talking about the "soft", "sound", "FX" or "3" versions of most naming conventions.
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      Blade Xiom Offensive S; Tmount T540; Xiom Vega Euro
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      Backhand Rubber Xiom Omega 7 Hyper; Stiga DNA H; Joola Maxxx 500

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      If you want a bh tacky rubber that can work well and is easier to use than H3, try Kokutaku 007 Pro.
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      Does anyone know places that sell 37 degree red hurricane 3 sponge provincial

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